Whatever's in your way, it won't be our technology

Whether you need to enable your delivery staff to find and deliver parcels effectively and log their receipt, or provide your engineers with mobile diagnostic equipment tough enough to cope with rough and dirty conditions, or your field work force with mobile access to software applications in dry, wet, dirty,cold, or hot conditions, there will be a TOUGHBOOK solution which can cope with the challenge you have.

The Panasonic range of mobile computing products and accessories are designed with you and your workforce in mind, and to overcome mobile computing challenges in diverse and hostile environments. Our products are subject to rigorous testing during development and our local team work with you to ensure your workforce can work effectively for you and your customers, wherever they may be.

So whether you’re an IT decision maker purchasing rugged computing for your business, an authorised reseller or software developer, here you will find invaluable information on our full range of Panasonic Computer Product Solutions.


Reduced TCO

It pays to think long term when it comes to mobile computing

Yes, rugged devices initially cost more than commerical and traditional consumer offerings. But the extremely low failure rates and tailored productivity-enhancing festures of TOUGHBOOK mobile devices mean an altogether lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business.

Consider the Facts

Researach under taken by industry analyst firm IDCm shows that many organisations would significantly benefit by investing in rugged notebooks, tabets and handhelds for their workforce. Studies show that Total Cost of Ownership savings could be as much 15% over a five-year period using rugged mobile devices through reduced failure rates and extended periods of use.

The challenge is convincing IT decision makers to invest now in order to save in the long term.

What the true value of rugged?

Need more evidence to support your business case for investment in rugged devices for your workforce?

Specialist Engineering

Engineered by Panasonic specialists, for sector specialists

Unlike our competitors, Panasonic Toughbooks aren’t built using third-party components. We design and build every part of a Toughbook ourselves. So every form, feature and function is built specifically for purpose and quality control is unrivalled.

Toughbooks travel tough

Approximately 50% of all damage to notebooks is the result of accidents on the road such as drops and other impacts. The display, casing and hard drive are most frequently affected, which is why we developed our Toughbooks so that they are impact and shock resistant. Toughbook casings are made of a magnesium alloy making the strength of the case several times greater than standard hard plastic casings.

Using flexible suspension and magnesium alloy thickener on all displays protects the screen and absorbs any impact. The hard drives are embedded in a newly developed material, offering first class impact and shock resistance.

All Fully Ruggedised models comply with the MIL-Standard (MIL-STD 810G)¹ on impact resistance and additionally meet the ingress protection norm IP65 on water and dust resistance².

In doing, so we allow organisations to overcome many of the usual barriers to data and application access encountered in the field.



Process Improvements

Improving processes across all sectors

Thanks to its unique ruggedness, connectivity, design and specialist performance, Toughbook is transforming processes for many different businesses and organizations in many different industries and sectors.

But what are those processes?

And how is Toughbook able to improve, or even transform, them?


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