For the logistics and warehouse specialist

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is the european market leader for rugged notebooks and tablets.

We’ve been working in partnership with warehousing and logistics organisations for over 20 years to deliver fit-for-purpose vehicle-mounted and handheld rugged mobile computing solutions. Enabling warehouse and logistics managers and workers across the supply chain to be fully digitally connected, wherever they are, whatever the conditions.

We decided to choose Panasonic solutions as the company offered service support at every stage of implementation and after its completion, as well as the ability to customize devices to our needs.*

Bartosz Kolasiński, Project Manager Raben Group *From the Raben Case Study – EN

Warehouse and logistics organisations look to TOUGHBOOK when they are:

  • Frustrated that their current Warehouse Management System (WMS) is no longer meeting their needs
  • Looking to transition to next-generation mobile working
  • Experiencing connectivity issues, and struggling to access critical applications and data in real-time when on the go
  • Facing high rates of device failures out in the field, impacting on their ability to deliver the best possible service to customers

Durable, connected tech that just won’t quit

Competitive supply chain management today requires you to leverage every technological innovation you can.

You need rugged notebooks, tablets and handhelds, alongside other digital tools such as mobile POS systems. But these need to deliver ultimate durability, maximum connectivity and superior mobility.

TOUGHBOOK make some of the most reliable and durable mobile computers in existence*. Mount them on a forklift, drop them on the dock, leave them out in the snow – your workforce will remain online and productive no matter how rough things get.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK PCs are eight times more reliable than average industry notebooks without rugged features*

*Sustainable Mobile Device Strategies Deliver Significant Savings for Business, White Paper

And there’s more… TOUGHBOOK devices offer:

Superior connections for uninterrupted access to real-time information
Triple-shift battery life with dual battery slots and hot-swap technology for increased uptime
Thinner, lightweight and more ergonomic deigns that include angled barcode scanners – also proven to reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI)

When coordinating large distribution operations, it’s vital that warehouse and cargo managers have all-day access to data. The right technology can streamline how they collect and share it.

TOUGHBOOK mobile devices never fail to pull in all critical information, from cloud-based management to barcode data.

If there’s an issue with a shipment or even staffing, warehouse managers have effective solutions on hand to reassign jobs in real-time or reallocate drop-off points for cargo, making the best and most efficient use of available resources and space, minimising any delay to overall operations.


A bird’s-eye view of product movement

With intelligent warehouse insights, you can pinpoint what’s happening with shipments in your facility and beyond.

Our cutting-edge solutions combine barcode scanning, video surveillance and other technologies for instant visual intelligence, so you can quickly spot warehouse interruptions and track damage and loss, back to its source.

A smoother-running warehouse

With customer orders rolling in 24/7 and fulfilment rolling out in real time, businesses in all industries can benefit from enhanced support.

By making warehouses as efficient as they can be, by digitising paper processes, minimising errors due to bad handwriting or misreading duplicate forms, we’re taking significant slack out of the supply chain every day.

Following through to the end of the line

We know every box or crate is always on its way to somewhere else. So our logistics solutions include mobile POS tools to help you put your products directly into customers’ hands.

In retail locations, for example, our tablets can be configured to display inventory and enable on-the-spot secure payment.

Weather it’s a forklift truck in a warehouse or a delivery truck on the road, vehicle integration is a key component for the warehousing and logistics sector.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK offers a wide portfolio of fully rugged, crash-tested, fixed or easily transferable vehicle docking solutions.

Using our extensive experience and engineering capabilities, we can supply and install docks and mounts to suit any type vehicle, including forklifts, all types of on- and off-road cars, vans and lorries, and powered rolling stock.

And once on the door step with your customer, your staff can rely on TOUGHBOOK active pen support for signature capture and proof of delivery.

A collaborative, end-to-end, tailored approach

From analysis and conception, to production, installation and beyond, our experts can work with you every step of the way to create the perfect, cost-effective and efficiency-boosting docking solution for your organisation.

Rapid concept to completion

With in-house TOUGHBOOK prototyping, we can realise your personalised solution concepts accurately…and fast. And with our concept in a day service, we can take your initial ideas through to concept in just 24 hours.

No compromising on passenger safety

Every TOUGHBOOK dock is put through comprehensive stress and vehicle impact testing, and comes with Panasonic certification